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Here's a link to my author page on Amazon, where you can find any works I currently have for sale.
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Direct links to my current listed ebooks are pictured on the right.
If you would like to purchase a paperback version of 'A Small Herd of Cats', then you can contact me directly and place an order via PayPal for £3.99 including postage (UK only), or £6.99 including postage (Europe only.

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You can also find some of my work (for free) at Wattpad
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I currently have a short story and some poetry due for publication in an anthology for the Redwell Writers, which should be published soon and I will add a link.
You can also view some of my poetry on my Wordpress site - click on the Blog link above to find them.
Looking for decent print services? Visit Book Printing UK - I would recommend them happily.

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Tails From Darkly Moon cover - Copyright M.R. Hume 2019

Quote of the month: "Wine is bottled poetry" - Robert Louis Stevenson