I told you They did it, didn’t I?
The News said they didn’t, but I know They did.
The truth has been concealed,
along with them rats that squealed,
and the facts now skewed, have all been well hid.

You didn’t believe me, but now you do?
It’s a gross injustice and misrepresentation.
People have been killed,
I’ll wager after their guts were spilled,
and the PTB are playing God with this nation.

Hidden amongst the lies you can see the truth?
There’s blame to be explained here and now!
But the wealthy and well-connected
will always be re-elected,
because The Machine is a sacred golden-cow.

I told you They did it, didn’t I.
I told you, but you didn’t fucking listen.
If you give Them a single inch
They will put you to the lynch,
and I’ll be just another statistic gone missin’.

M.R. Hume © 2018