This month’s blog is a little behind, partially due to my awesome laziness, but also because I have genuinely been busy – not writing I’m afraid, but dealing with home-stuff.

Pleased to say that I’ve had another poem published in a poetry journal (The Dawntreader), and have submitted a another piece which has been accpeted but not published until later this year.

Various other submissions are still pending.

On the back of how lovely my latest poetry collection turned out (A Small Herd Of Cats) I have decided to pull together another, which may or may not be cat related at this moment – I have got a number of cat ideas floating in my head still.

Plus I have finally started writing (in ernest) the second instalment of my cat adventure story… the aim is not to leave 5 year gaps between each instalment, but I’m blaming that on the family!

Onwards, onwards, the ship sales on through the night…