Shit the bed! What happened to the end of the year?!?

Seriously, I think I fell asleep and missed most of winter, it is already halfway through. Ho-hum, sometimes that happens I suppose, the best thing is to just relish any joy you have experienced and move on with rest.

Winter, brrr. I just don’t like it. Maybe I am part reptilian? Equally I not happy when it is too hot either, so maybe I’m just awkward and annoying. 🙂

But I digress… what is the update? I am still working on the novella, it is shaping up to be very satisfactory (not wanting to commit at this stage). The lead character is broken and vulnerable, but without giving too much away, is also frustratingly useless and ponderously innactive. Hmmm, I sometimes wonder where I get my inspiration.

The days are already getting longer and soon I will be feeling my spring burst of creativity – hurrah! The plan is to finish the first draft before then so I can work with a editor to polish it and then decide where to flog it.

All that while dealing with life – I am amazing. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!