So Spring is upon us proper and I have therefore renewed my efforts of creativity… just writing that sentence was fairly hard work. Seriously, good things are afoot (and a hand, etc. – ok I’ll stop the puns).

A couple of my poems have been published in an anthology titled ‘For The Silent’ which is helping to promote the protection of our native species (and ones that were imported), by donating funds and raising awareness for the deaths of animals due to ‘sport’. You can purchase a copy here.

I have also had news that one of my poems will be published in a magazine which should be coming out in summer, produced by Silk & Smoke.

Of course I am continuing to write various other bits – and sometimes I think I may be spreading myself thin… I have considered concentrating on one thing at a time, but my brain doesn’t like it, I find I need to diversify my creativity to keep it active. Which is ok, but can be hard work sometimes.

Oh well, keep on swimming…