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June – July… August?

Haha! My procrastination got the better of me and my monthly updates were pushed to the very bottom of a long list of things I haven’t got around to doing. Never mind, I’m here now. 🙂

So, where are we?

The Silk & Smoke Issue 1 was published, containing something a little prog-rock influenced by yours truly, and what a lovely compilation it was to be amongst – it’s free and most enjoyable, go on have a read.

To be completely honest, most of July has been a complete wash-out; it’s been probably one of the most depressing months I’ve experienced for a number of years, so the less said about it the better. That said, there have already been the inklings of some very dark poetry emerging from the smoldering ashes. I can’t be sure where those will be released (if ever), but I’ll let you know if they do.

August is looking more promising, there are oodles of competitions and submissions to pull together, and hopefully something will emerge.

I wish you all a joyous summer. Namaste.

May update

So Spring is upon us proper and I have therefore renewed my efforts of creativity… just writing that sentence was fairly hard work. Seriously, good things are afoot (and a hand, etc. – ok I’ll stop the puns).

A couple of my poems have been published in an anthology titled ‘For The Silent’ which is helping to promote the protection of our native species (and ones that were imported), by donating funds and raising awareness for the deaths of animals due to ‘sport’. You can purchase a copy here.

I have also had news that one of my poems will be published in a magazine which should be coming out in summer, produced by Silk & Smoke.

Of course I am continuing to write various other bits – and sometimes I think I may be spreading myself thin… I have considered concentrating on one thing at a time, but my brain doesn’t like it, I find I need to diversify my creativity to keep it active. Which is ok, but can be hard work sometimes.

Oh well, keep on swimming…

April update

This month’s blog is a little behind, partially due to my awesome laziness, but also because I have genuinely been busy – not writing I’m afraid, but dealing with home-stuff.

Pleased to say that I’ve had another poem published in a poetry journal (The Dawntreader), and have submitted a another piece which has been accpeted but not published until later this year.

Various other submissions are still pending.

On the back of how lovely my latest poetry collection turned out (A Small Herd Of Cats) I have decided to pull together another, which may or may not be cat related at this moment – I have got a number of cat ideas floating in my head still.

Plus I have finally started writing (in ernest) the second instalment of my cat adventure story… the aim is not to leave 5 year gaps between each instalment, but I’m blaming that on the family!

Onwards, onwards, the ship sales on through the night…

March update

The full steam ahead begining of the year has not showed sign of slowing yet… in case your thinking that the limited output I leave in my wake is not what a normal person considers to be ‘full steam’, ‘throttle’, or indeed ‘fast paced’. Then I would remind you that I label myself a ‘life-long procrastinator’, so don’t judge me, just be willing to accept that my current pace is very unlike me!

As I was saying …the collection of verse is finally up on Amazon, I urge you to purchase and read, as I have a starving student illustrator to recompense for her wonderful contributions.

Additionally, I have revised book one of my feline adventure story, ‘Tails From Darkly Moon’, which is also now listed on Amazon and again, I can’t stress enough what a fantastic read it is… my young son is thoroughly enjoying it as a bedtime ditty.

There are a couple of potential publications in other areas pending at the moment, which I will describe further in the next update or two.

February update

January was a good start to the year, cold and there was some amount of illness, but still productive. In fact it took a hallucinatory, fever-addled brain that allowed me to make a really positive connection to some of the bits and bobs of writing I had lurking about.

I have finished the book of verse, and the illustrations are coming along nicely, so it should be ready for a March publication deadline.

The Redwell Anthology is progressing and should also have a spring publication date, which will be good stuff, one short story and a poem in there.

I have a poem due to be published in the spring edition of a literary journal, news about that to come soon. And I submitted another poem and a short story to two other publications… awaiting the outcome of those.

Additionally, I am working on a collection of short Cthulhu stories, which I may or may not publish myself; depending on whether I can get any published elsewhere first. As well as a novella which I am planning to publish on Wattpad.

See what I mean – productive! 🙂

New year update

So the year has started and my reserves are suitably prepared to see me through the winter months into the spring – although the weather seems to have forgotten it is winter at the moment.

As usual my intent is to post as much as possible, but that may trickle off over time… may be not this year. 🙂

Things on the horizon:
I have been working on a collection of poetry that is due for publication early this spring – more info coming soon.
Redwell Writers is publishing a second anthology soon which will include a short story and a couple of poems of mine.


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